Mystery Shopping Scams

Mystery Shopping Scams involving counterfeit versions of SCNB official checks have been reported. The scams involve solicitations of individuals to act as mystery shoppers. The individuals are instructed to immediately deposit the check and promptly make purchases of goods and services which are wire transfers through Western Union and Money Gram. The victim arranges and executes the wires before the bogus check is discovered. The check is then bounced back and charged to the individual’s account and the individual is now out whatever amount of funds used. Beware of anyone who asks you to draw on the funds quickly. Banks often take 10 days or more to determine if a cashiers/official check is counterfeit. Do not ship the goods, spend or wire any of the funds until at least two weeks after you deposit the check. Be aware that scams such as this one are common. Speak with your local banker when in doubt. You can protect your funds.

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