Email and Online Fraud Activity

Web-site spoofing

Web-site “spoofing” is a method of creating fraudulent Web sites that look similar, if not identical, to an actual site, such as that of a bank. Customers are typically directed to these spoofed Web sites through phishing schemes or pharming techniques to gain information.

Fraudulent Emails

There have been a number of fraudulent emails (referred to as “phishing”) sent to individuals that claim to be from your financial institution or another financial institution requesting personal information (social security numbers, passwords, pin numbers, account numbers etc.) or verification of personal information. The Suffolk County National Bank will not contact you via email to request this type of information on your accounts.

How to report

Should you receive a fraudulent or suspicious email, that appears to be from SCNB, or find a “spoofed” SCNB website, please contact our security officer at or at 631-208-2290 or contact your local branch. Additional information regarding “phishing” and other fraudulent methods of obtaining your personal information is available under Identity Theft

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