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Lessons from a Cardboard Dinosaur.

by Sandra Novick, SVP, Marketing, SCNB

Rooted in marketing, I couldn't bypass the headline of the linked posting, "How a Mysterious Robot Dinosaur Won Over Tech's Top Influencers." 

To be clear, FAKEGRIMLOCK, is not even a "real" robot dinosaur, rather a man with a cardboard dinosaur head and duct tape covered hands.

Also, it should be mentioned that this "dinosaur blogger" speaks in "dinosaur," which translates into something like yelling caveman (all caps).  You can't help but smile at the sight conjured by this cardboard dinosaur celebrity whose comments are valued and commented upon by technology (and marketing) influencers.

It's a must read, as you will come away with not only a smile, but possibly several wise thoughts. Here are a potential few.

What FAKEGRIMLOCK says, the essence, his meaning, not only cuts through, but overcomes the absolutely ridiculous!  Regarding form versus substance, substance does matter.  The quality of your product and/or service does count, more than the package.

Passion for Your Idea
Passion for your idea (or business or product) brings it alive!  This is what allows you to confront and overcome challenges.  It promotes success.

There is no limit to how much one can achieve, only the limits one sets for oneself.

Click here to read the full posting by Sarah Kessler.


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