Doing Well by Doing Good.

Thirty years of research regarding corporate "social performance" tells us something business owners and managers should know. In the majority of studies it is found that social performance has a positive effect on company financial results.

Breaking it down, one might ask, all things being equal, would a person prefer to work with, or purchase from a company that supports their local community, the environment, affects a positive impact in the world? Evidence points to that answer being yes.

At the Suffolk County National Bank (SCNB), we feel our corporate responsibility strongly. Not only is our philanthropic program among the most impactful in our markets among all community banks headquartered on Long Island, corporate responsibility is engrained in our corporate culture. In fact, in 2011, SCNB employees collectively logged 16,059 hours of volunteer community service work. Our clients tell us that they feel good about doing business with companies that support initiatives in their communities that foster both quality of life and economic viability. They appreciate standing shoulder to shoulder out in the community with us. We, at Suffolk, are very proud of this tradition, and are pleased to see corporate "betterness" valued more broadly.

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