Cents To Savings Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the service available to?
This service is available to all personal account holders. You must have both a checking account, savings account and a debit card for the service to work.

Is there a charge to enroll in the program?
No. The service is free to all personal banking customers.

When do the transfers begin?
As soon as you are enrolled in the program, any debit card transactions there were posted that same business day (including the prior night) will be included.

Do transfers apply to checks written/paid on the account?
No. Transfers only apply to debit card transactions.

Will the transfer amount appear on my debit card transaction receipt?
No. The receipt for your purchase will only display your transaction amount. The transfer amount can be viewed on your account through Internet Banking.

On a joint checking account, with two individual debit cards, will the transfer apply to both cards?
Yes. Once enrolled all debit card transactions on any card attached to the checking account will have transfers occur.

What if there is not enough money in my account to round up the debit card transaction to the nearest dollar?
The transfer will not take place.

How do I discontinue the service if I choose to do so?
Contact your branch to notify them, your signature will also be required to discontinue.


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