Starting with the basics, what exactly is "malware?"

Malware pertains to "malicious software."  That is software that is designed specifically to do damage or perform unwanted actions/intrusions into unprotected computer systems.  Viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware are examples of malware that is deployed to do damage, or gather information from a computer system, without the knowledge or permission of the system owner. 

Antivirus software and anti spyware utilities are available and should be installed on your computer(s)!  These protective systems should be updated, and subscriptions should not be permitted to lapse.  The cost is small compared to the havoc that is wrecked by cyber criminals.

Small businesses are targets of cyber attack.

Here are some simple tips you can apply to all of your online activities.

Real life - a case study.

Do you have a computer safety question?

Information Security and Customer Alerts.

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